2001: A Space Odyssey

release year: 1968
genre: sci-fi
viewing setting: home laserdisc, 1/8/99
what I expected: couldn't remember
what I got: a deep space drama with much symbolism

synopsis: In a slow and often boring manner, we witness various stages of man's evolution, with most of the movie taking place in the near future.

impressions: As I said, it's slow-paced and often monotonous. It's kind of hard to figure out what's going on; I happened to watch it this time with a well-educated friend, who was picking out classical references left and right. The movie's watchable, and there's no doubt that it was a milestone in science fiction, but be warned: you have to be awake, and you have to pay attention, if you want to get something out of this film.

acting: This isn't really very applicable, since the movie contained very little actual dialogue.

final word: Meaningful, but not easily re-watchable.

rating: C+

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