2012 Supernova

release year: 2009
genre: apocalyptic drama
viewing setting: home DVD, 1/26/13

synopsis: An exploding star in deep space has caused a wave of radiation to sweep toward our solar system...but only one scientist can save the world.

impressions: Pretty bad. Aside from never offering a clear explanation of what's happening and how the plan to stop it really works, the movie spends half its time with the main scientist's wife and daughter, who seem fated to be in danger from storms, fire, radiation, and even car trouble no matter where they go. If they'd just stayed with him at the beginning (which is where he later wanted them to be) then he wouldn't have had to worry about them. Put another way: if you need your family close at hand in order to focus on saving the world, then don't send them away in the first place. Also, apparently scientists can just hop in a space shuttle and fly it to a space station...you don't need a crew of seven, and actually apparently you don't need any crew on the space station either. Final gripe: at the end, it looked like the main guy was somehow sacrificing himself and the station (through unexplained means) to help the saving-the-world effort...and then he just magically re-appears on Earth later, with no explanation. It was insane! The movie did have some cool destruction scenes though.

something this movie has that no other movie has: Use of the following line: "We're gonna be okay, okay? We're gonna be okay."

acting: Brian Krause is the main scientist, who's been working on a solution for saving the entire world for years, yet has somehow kept this secret from his wife. Allura Lee is a hot Chinese scientist helping with the effort. Alan Poe is an incoherent Russian scientist.

final word: This one barely qualifies as apocalyptic disaster-movie entertainment.

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