30 Days of Night: Dark Days

"That's okay. People always laugh. But tonight...tonight will be different. See, they go to great lengths to make you think they don't exist."    - Stella

release year: 2010
genre: vampire horror
viewing setting: home Bluray 11/10/13

synopsis: The survivor of the earlier massacre in Barrow tries to tell people what happened, but nobody listens except for the small group of vampire hunters who are trying to take out the queen.

impressions: This one had a more linear plot (find and kill the vampire queen) but it kept me guessing most of the time. There was plenty of blood and gore, too. One has to wonder what kind of an ecology these vampires could have - they have to avoid being discovered, yet they have their hands in everything.

body count: dozens (it's hard to track it with all the fast camera work)

acting: Kiele Sanchez is the survivor, who can't really move on past what happened. Rhys Coiro is the vampire hunter who she grows close to. Diora Baird and Harold Perrineau are the others, and Ben Cotton is a vampire who helps them for some reason. Mia Kirshner is Lilith, the vampire queen.

final word: Pretty good sequel.

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