3:15 - The Moment of Truth

release year: 1985
genre: gang action
viewing setting: home VHS, 4/15/99
what I expected: lots of fighting
what I got: a dated high school gang ass-kicking movie

synopsis: Ex-gang leader Jeff runs afoul of his old comrades, and eventually has to fight or die.

impressions: This was basically okay, but it had stereotypical characters: the reluctant hero, the backs-out-at-the-last-minute friend, the girlfriend who doesn't understand that you can't just ignore a gang, the gang members who suddenly lose their backbones when the other guys aren't around, the evil friend-turned-enemy. Still, the fights were fairly good and this movie captures the whole teenager-fighting thing well.

body count: 2

acting: Decent enough, for a low-budget movie.

the good: It got my blood pumping, as all good fight movies do.

the bad: Stupid bitch character, dated situations.

final word: Worth seeing, but you should also consider Sean Penn's Bad Boys.

rating: C

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