release year: 1996 (direct-to-video)
genre: action/horror/sci-fi
viewing setting: home laserdisc, 6/8/97
what I expected: cheese. I confess it.
what I got: a weird monster movie

synopsis: In a grim, futuristic ruin of a city, some gory murders lead to ploice arriving on the scene, which leads to police chasing a huge, misshapen killer through the ruins. Carnage follows.

impressions: This was a direct-to-video film shot in some tiny foreign country by a foreign crew. This is not a bad thing, I just wanted to set the stage for you. This movie's cover led us to believe it was a sci-fi flick, but this wasn't the case. No, this was a monster movie, plain and simple. There is no plot to speak of, and the whys are never answered; strangely enough, the movie still entertained. How bizarre.

acting: Christopher Lambert and Natasha Hendrige, plus some expendables. Nobody was given significant material to work with here.

final word: You may like it. There are some decent, if cliched, shocks. Beware, though: there is no plot.

rating: D+

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