American Graffiti

release year: 1973
genre: comedy/drama
viewing setting: home laserdisc, 11/1/98
what I expected: some kind of classic
what I got: nostalgia from a time period I can't possibly appreciate

synopsis: This is a one-night snapshot of a bunch of teens right after they graduate high school in 1962.

impressions: I hate to say it, but this movie did very little for me. I guess it's because I was a teenager 25 years after the movie took place. There were some funny bits, and it was fairly entertaining, but overall, it felt aimless and without direction. I suspect that the generation before mine will appreciate this movie more, and justifiably so.

acting: Can't complain about this part; everyone did well, among them some future stars: Richard Dreyfuss, Ron Howard, and even Harrison Ford.

final word: Chronologically incorrect and rather aimless.

rating: C

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