Air Force One

"Let's not forget this president is a Medal of Honor winner. In Vietnam, he flew more helicopter missions than any man in my command. He knows how to fight."   - some general

release year: 1997
genre: action/drama
viewing setting: home DVD, 6/11/19 and 2/28/02

synopsis: Russian terrorists hijack the U.S. President's plane, and it's pretty much up to him to save the day.

impressions: I guess you could call this "Die Hard on a plane" except with a unique plane. It was well-paced, well-acted, and had a lot of action and explosions and that sort of thing. There were also a lot of other dramatic scenes (plane crashes, plane-to-plane people transfer, skydiving, and even some aerial missile firing and other fighting.)

acting: Harrison Ford seldom disappoints, and this is no exception. His President is believable, with fighting ability derived from a war-hero past. Gary Oldman stands out as the zealous leader of the terrorists.

final word: Solid thinking person's action movie, with a unique setting; definitely re-watchable.

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