Airport '75

release year: 1974
genre: plane disaster
viewing setting: home VHS, 4/15/99
what I expected: the usual for this sort of movie
what I got: a planeful of bad acting

synopsis: A 747 is hit in the cockpit by a tiny plane, forcing a stewardess to fly it unless someone can think of something else to do.

impressions: Basically ok, but some of the passengers acted pretty stupid. The head stewardess had some really goofy facial expressions too. I guess I'm just looking for something more in an airplane disaster movie.

acting: Fair. There wasn't much for most of the cast to do, and most of the roles were pretty simple.

the good: A few tense bits.

the bad: Just that - there were only a few tense bits.

final word: I'm going to have to rent others of this sort and see if they make me happier.

rating: C-

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