Alien 3

release year: 1991
genre: sci-fi/horror
viewing setting: home laserdisc, 6/22/97
what I expected: I couldn't even remember - I just had this urge to see it
what I got: one of those films that gets a little better every time I watch it

synopsis: After the events of Alien and then Aliens, Ripley yet lives - but everyone else who survived the second movie is dead. She finds herself stranded on a men's prison planet with a crop of new victims, and of course an alien.

impressions: When I first saw this, I didn't care for it too much. grows on me. It's dark, grim, and nihilistic - and probably realistic as well. It's got a few good lines and many good scenes.

acting: Sigourney Weaver...blah. I liked her better in the first movie. Several of the inmates' portrayals are rather well-acted. I guess I was just glad I wouldn't have to listen to Newt this time.

cameo: Pete Postlethwaite is one of the prisoners.

final word: The weakest of the three Alien films, but still worth watching every once in a while.

rating: C+

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