"Life is for the strong. It is earned, not given."   - Tau

release year: 2018
genre: monster horror
viewing setting: home Bluray, 11/1/19

synopsis: A young boy is left deep in the wilderness and must make his way home, with the help of a wolf he finds.

impressions: This takes place about 20,000 years ago, so the people are primitive but tough and competent. Without giving too much away, this kid appears to be dead and inaccessible, so they have to leave him...but he's not dead, and thus begins his long and perilous trek back to his homeland. He's eventually helped by a wolf cub who he befriends along the way.

acting: Kodi Smit-McPhee is the boy, who has to learn to do things like make fire and eat worms if he is to survive. Johannes Haukur Johannesson is his tough but loving father who thinks the boy is dead, and leads the hunting party away too early.

final word: Pretty good adventure about survival and such.

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