Anacondas: Hunt For the Blood Orchid

release year: 2004
genre: giant snake horror/drama
viewing setting: hotel pay-per-view, 12/17/04

synopsis: A corporation sends a group of people to the middle of nowhere to find a flower that may hold the secret to eternal youth...but that area also happens to be the home of some really big snakes.

impressions: It was generally pretty good giant snake cheese, with assorted characters who you either liked or hated, snake stalkings, and some good scenery. Its major problem came toward the end, when it was nighttime; this darkness, combined with shaky camera work, resulted in a ~10 minute period during which it was impossible to tell what was going on. Big mistake.

things to watch for: The waterfall scene was good.

something this movie has that no other movie has: multiple giant anacondas

acting: Decent. The girl with the really bad fake Southern accent was noteworthy. In an unusual move for a movie like this, there are more than just one or two survivors.

final word: Worth seeing, but probably not worth owning.

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