Ancient Aliens season 1

release year: 2010
genre: TV documentary (5 episodes)
viewing setting: home DVD 7/25 - 8/23/20

synopsis: Aliens might have been involved in our world's history, as can be seen if you look at all the various potential evidence.

impressions: The producers have taken a basic concept (aliens visiting Earth in the past) and explored dozens of ways it could be tied to past and current historical events. Examples/topics explored in this season include ancient flying machines, images of gods that resemble helmeted astronauts, animal mutilations, crystal skulls, old art and accounts that suggest UFOs, the Battle of Los Angeles, and the Roswell incident. The narration is mixed with brief statements by various researchers and experts, plus pictures and simulated videos. All in all, it's interesting and thought-provoking.

acting: The narration is strong and consistent, and the interviews are always interesting and entertaining.

final word: While some of these ideas may be unlikely or impossible, it's hard to believe that ALL of them are. This show will stimulate your mind.

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