Ancient Aliens season 2

release year: 2010
genre: TV documentary (10 episodes)
viewing setting: home DVD 10/12-25/20

synopsis: Aliens might have been involved in our world's history, as can be seen if you look at all the various potential evidence.

impressions: The producers have taken a basic concept (aliens visiting Earth in the past) and explored dozens of ways it could be tied to past and current historical events. In this season:
episode 1: Mysterious Places (locations around the world that have had high UFO activity e.g. Bermuda Triangle)
episode 2: Gods and Aliens (mythical gods and monsters that share common traits and might have been aliens)
episode 3: Underwater Worlds (various sunken/submerged ruins etc)
episode 4: Underground Aliens (underground places e.g. the underground city of Derinkuyu)
episode 5: Aliens and the Third Reich (possible alien technology use by Nazi Germany in WWII)
episode 6: Alien Tech (modern superweapons that may have been used by aliens)
episode 7: Angels and Aliens (concept that long ago, people would have used divine terminology to describe things they didn't understand and couldn't otherwise articulate, such as aliens, UFOs, and technology)
episode 8: Unexplained Structures (various sites that demonstrate building methods beyond what was known at the time)
episode 9: Alien Devastations (idea that aliens might have been responsible for or known about certain disasters)
episode 10: Alien Contacts (possible alien messages leading to certain people doing remarkable things)

acting: The narration is strong and consistent, and the interviews are always interesting and entertaining.

final word: While some of these ideas may be unlikely or impossible, it's hard to believe that ALL of them are. This show will stimulate your mind.

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