Arthur: “I learned from a young age not to show weakness. Hey, it’s not a problem with my anger and my fist. I’m a blunt instrument and I’m damn good at it, but I’ve done nothing but get my ass kicked this whole trip. I’m no leader. I’m not a king. I do not work or play well with others, and I can’t let you die trying to turn me into something I’m not.”
Mera: “You think you’re unworthy to lead because you’re of different worlds. But that is exactly why you are worthy. You are the bridge between land and sea. I can see that now. The only question is, can you?”

release year: 2018
genre: superhero action
viewing setting: home Bluray, 4/21/19

synopsis: Half-human, half-Atlantean outcast learns of the undersea world he left behind, along with its problems and his destiny.

impressions: This was pretty entertaining. Thinking back a few years to Aquaman's first appearance in Justice League, they could have gone the route of a dorky, aloof, clean-shaven Aquaman, but instead they made him more wild...a drinker, someone who cracks jokes and is having fun. And that worked well. Also noteworthy are the special effects, particularly the undersea kingdoms and such.

acting: Jason Momoa nails it as the type of hero I discussed above...more than anything else, he's having fun. Amber Heard is his love interest. Willem Dafoe is his mentor/trainer. Patrick Wilson is his angry, ambitious half-brother. Nicole Kidman is his missing nother, and Temuera Morrison is his human father. Dolph Lundgren is an Atlantean king.

final word: Good solid standalone origin/background story for one of the DC universe's less major heroes.

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