"Despite knowing the journey... and where it leads... I embrace it... and I welcome every moment of it." - Louise Banks

release year: 2016
genre: Science fiction drama
viewing setting: home Bluray, 3/5/17

synopsis: After a dozen UFOs appear around the world, a linguist is chosen to help bridge the language gap with the nearest one.

impressions: This was great science fiction. I felt that, as such (and as is common with great science fiction) it was slow at times. However, as far as telling a realistic story about first contact and communication issues with an alien race, this movie nailed it. There was the expected military-vs-scientists tension, and as usual the aggressive elements threatened to ruin everything. It is an interesting question, though: before you know the aliens' intentions, do you prepare for E.T., or the Thing?

acting: Amy Adams is the gifted linguist, and to be honest, I don't think she's the greatest actor. Most of her screen time is spent looking worried or speechless. Don't get me wrong, she can act a hundred times better than me, and she's the one making millions of dollars in Hollywood. It's just that, after a couple of Superman movies and now this, she hasn't impressed me too much. Jeremy Renner is the other main scientist, a mathematician, and is fairly low-key as he supports her efforts to actually have meaninfgul communication with the aliens. Forest Whitaker is the main military guy in charge, who tries to let the scientists do their thing while still protecting the human race.

final word: Great science fiction, but now that I know all the plot twists, I probably won't need to see it again.

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