The A-Team: Children of Jamestown

episode number: season 1, episode 2 (1983)
viewing setting: home DVD, 6/10/04

episode synopsis: The team is hired to rescue a girl from a cult leader, but some of them end up getting captured and sentenced to death.

impressions: This one starts off fairly seriously, as everyone but Murdock gets captured and Amy's about to lose it. The other guys have to explain to her that the only way to survive is to assume they're going to be killed, and work from there. Then the cult leader demonstrates his insanity by giving the prisoners a chance (however small.) Being the A-Team, they completely escape and then find some help so they can build something. Meanwhile, Murdock steals some dynamite and then goes back to help his friends. There was an extraordinary amount of gunplay and explosions in this one.

notable guest star: John Saxon is the weird, deranged cult leader.

what the team builds in this episode: flamethrower, mortar

Hannibal wisecrack highlight: before being driven into the desert to be chased by assassins, he tells the cult leader that his boots cost $500 and he'll be back to get them.

B.A. toughness highlight: doesn't even react when his turn comes to be hit in the stomach with a rifle butt

Murdock insanity highlight: carries out an imaginary dogfight while waiting in the helicopter for the signal

Face scam highlight: whines about getting punched so he can cozy up to the farmer's cute daughter

Amy usefulness highlight: poses as bait to overcome an armed guard

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