The A-Team: Pure-Dee Poison

episode number: season 2, episode 16 (1984)
viewing setting: home DVD, 7/12/05

episode synopsis: The team helps a vet-turned-preacher who's trying to stop moonshine brewers whose product is lethal.

impressions: It was pretty good - plenty of the usual ingredients, some jungle warfare, an extra helping of explosions, and B.A. having to talk to a woman.

notable guest star: John Amos, who's had many roles in TV and movies (my favorite roles of his being a monk in The Beastmaster and a commando in Die Hard 2 plays the preacher. Bo Hopkins, who's a staple in action movies (my favorite role of his being The Killer Elite with James Caan and Robert Duvall) and TV series, is the main bad guy.

what the team builds in this episode: Lots. in addition to installing a camera on the bad guys' truck and adding nitrous oxide to B.A.'s van, they later get locked in a barn...and manage to build an armored tractor and mortars that fire homemade dynamite. Sometimes I wonder if it's their destiny to encounter a working arc welder everywhere they go.

Hannibal wisecrack highlight: Not once but twice, while facing off against armed and angry bad guys, he ratchets up the tough talk and completely ridicules the bad guys.

B.A. toughness highlight: He throws one guy over a bar.

Murdock insanity highlight: It's no one thing this time - he just acts generally loony for the entire episode.

Face scam highlight: Helps get Murdock into the dentist's office so they can steal some nitrous oxide.

Tawnia usefulness highlight: Nothing - but she babbles on for too long about how she must be a real team member since they let her come along.

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