The A-Team: Showdown!

episode number: season 3, episode 8 (1984)
viewing setting: home DVD, 2/8/06

episode synopsis: The A-Team is bullying the owner of a Wild West show...except it's not the real A-Team, it's a fake A-Team.

impressions: Interesting. The team, by and large, has to infiltrate the show in disguise. Hannibal poses as a cowboy shootist, Face as a clown, and Murdock as a crazy Indian. A good funny moment comes when the two A-Teams first meet, and Murdock realizes that the other group doesn't have a copy of him. Colonel Lynch returns in this one, though possibly for only one episode; it seems like the show's creators were giving all of the team's old Army nemeses a chance this season.

notable guest star: None that I recognized.

what the team builds in this episode: A cannon that fires big globs of taffy.

Hannibal wisecrack highlight: Aside from the funny trick he pulls on Lynch at the end, he also does a daring horseback stunt to stop a runaway truck.

B.A. toughness highlight: Beats up two of the false A-Team (since Face couldn't do his share against his own double.)

Murdock insanity highlight: Takes the role of the wild Indian to heart.

Face scam highlight: None.

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