The A-Team: Champ!

episode number: season 3, episode 15 (1985)
viewing setting: home DVD, 2/15/06

episode synopsis: The team helps an amateur boxer who's being bullied into taking a dive in the upcoming big fight.

impressions: This one was pretty good. B.A. got to box, Hannibal really put together a complex and entertaining plan, and Face got to do some electronics/surveillance work. The final match was good, with B.A. facing unfair odds. There was also a good joke at the very end.

notable guest star: Alex Rocco, who played roles in many TV shows and movies and got a bullet in the eye in The Godfather, is the main bad guy here.

what the team builds in this episode: Nothing.

Hannibal wisecrack highlight: Lots of them this time around. He poses as B.A.'s manager and heaps insults on the main bad guy the first time they meet, then later flirts with the bad guy's girlfriend to find out information.

B.A. toughness highlight: Poses as a boxer in order to allow the team to infiltrate the bad guy's organization (and also get the original bullied boxer out of the picture so he can't be threatened.) B.A. does a lot of boxing and fighting this time.

Murdock insanity highlight: Poses as B.A.'s trainer and babbles constantly about boxing-related things.

Face scam highlight: Pretends to be a doctor, also shown to be investing the team's money in ludicrous ways.

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