The A-Team: Mind Games

episode number: season 4, episode 8 (1985)
viewing setting: home DVD, 4/1/07

episode synopsis: Face is pardoned by the government, and makes a return to public life with an inflated ego, but something's going on behind the scenes.

impressions: I really liked this one. It put everyone in an unusual position, plus there was a lot of plotting going on. Murdock really did a great job in this one, too. The government plot was a bit far-fetched at times, but this is somewhat typical for a show like this.

notable guest star: James Hong, who was the evil Lo Pan in Big Trouble in Little China, is a Vietnamese head criminal here. Al Leong, the short but hard-kicking long-haired actor who played a terrorist in Die Hard and a thug in Big Trouble in Little China, is a bad guy who gets to knock Face out with one kick.

what the team builds in this episode: Nothing.

Hannibal wisecrack highlight: Smarts off at some guys who kidnap him and B.A.

B.A. toughness highlight: Holds a government guy out over a ten-story balcony in order to get information from him.

Murdock insanity highlight: Decides to become the Faceman after Face quits, and gets the mannerisms down to a tee, even stealing Face's girl.

Face scam highlight: None, but he lets the newfound freedom and popularity go to his head.

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