Avenging Angelo

release year: 2003
genre: comedy/drama
viewing setting: home DVD, 12/18/03

synopsis: When an old mob boss is gunned down, his daughter - who has grown up not knowing who she really is - becomes a target, and it's up to her secret bodyguard to protect her.

impressions: The trailer lied - this isn't an action movie, it's more of a comedy. Still, I liked it; it was pretty laid-back and even funny at times.

something this movie has that no other movie has: A corpse that passes gas.

acting: Stallone is actually pretty good as a nice mobster. Madeline Stowe is cute as the daughter whose entire life is turned upside down all in one day. Anthony Quinn did okay considering that he was in his 80s and this was his final role.

final word: Entertaining, just don't be fooled into thinking it's an action movie.

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