Bad News Bears

release year: 2005
genre: baseball comedy
viewing setting: airplane in-flight movie, 12/3/05

synopsis: A remorseless alcoholic gets put in charge of a Little League baseball team of misfits.

impressions: I never saw the 1976 original, so I can't compare this to that; instead, I'll just give my opinions of this remake. It was entertaining in that way that all baseball movies are, to a baseball fan. There were plenty of funny bits and good baseball scenes. I guess my one gripe was with the Buttermaker character. He was fairly unlikeable, with few redeeming qualities and many unpleasant ones. One other thing that bothered me: a couple of the Bears would not, in any real-world scenario, be able/allowed to take the field and play ball. I don't mean to offend anyone, but the truth of these things is that the weaker players tend to get benched.

something this movie has that no other movie has: A kid in a wheelchair playing the outfield.

acting: Billy Bob Thornton does a good job as a mean-spirited ex-major-leaguer who actually decides to try and turn the team around. Greg Kinnear is the coach of the rivals, who are much better than the Bears.

final word: Good, but may be a little rough around the edges for younger viewers.

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