release year: 1999
genre: horror
viewing setting: theater, 11/3/99
what I expected: bat cheese
what I got: a decent enough non-scary horror movie

synopsis: A huge swarm of mutated and semi-intelligent bats begins to attack a small Texas town.

impressions: Well...they're bats. How can they be scary? How can one cause a grown man to stagger around for thirty seconds before finally falling? How is it that a swarm of thousands of these bats attacks and chews on one or two people at a time? Aren't they feeding? If not, then why did they attack at all? These questions aren't meant to be asked, I'm afraid, of this movie. And yet, it was entertaining. Especially the part where the entire town, after disregarding the sheriff's warning to get indoors, gets attacked and mostly killed by the bats. Talk about Darwinism in action.

body count: 9 confirmed and direct bat attack deaths, many more half-seen or implied.

acting: Okay, I guess. Lou Diamond Phillips doesn't sound right with a Texas accent, but oh well. Dina Meyer was easy on the eyes as the bat expert/heroine.

final word: Worth seeing, perhaps only once.

rating: C

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