Beavis and Butt-Head volume 1

Mr. Manners: “Excuse me, boys, but it's rather rude to make noises and interrupt me when it's _my_ turn to talk.”
Butt-Head: “Uhhh...we were doing this long before you came in, sir.”
Beavis: “Yeah. You interrupted us. Butthole.”

Beavis: “Hey Butt-Head! What did people do before they invented TV?”
Butt-Head: “Don't be stupid, Beavis. There's always been TV, there's just more channels now.”
Beavis: “Oh yeah. Progress is cool.”

release year: 2006
genre: TV animation
viewing setting: home DVD, 11/29-30/15

synopsis: The first of these special editions collects 40 early episodes, as well as some other appearances, music videos, and a documentary about the origins and creation of the series.

impressions: I guess Mike Judge picked some of his favorite episodes for this first collection; it does have some of the more primitive, early ones that weren't that funny. The episodes are all on discs 1 and 2, while disc 3 contains: 11 music videos with commentary, a 27-minute documentary, and some guest appearances and promo spots. The music videos are actually quite funny due to the often-clever commentary/criticism.

best episodes: These are the ones that made me laugh out loud, which to me made them among the best, though your mileage may vary: Late Night with Butt-Head,, Mr. Anderson's Balls, Manners Suck, The Great Cornholio, Dream On.

final word: This is some of the best of the early material, and the set is well worth getting for any true fan.

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