Beavis and Butt-Head volume 2

"Hey Beavis...let's check out the bathroom. Sometimes they have good advice on the walls."   - Butt-Head

"You know, it's pretty cool how like a dollar isn't that much, but if you get like another one, and another's like pretty soon, you can get some nachos."   - Beavis

Butt-Head: (discussing a really bad music video) “You really like this crap.”
Beavis: “No I don't, Butt-Head. I'm just kidding.”
Butt-Head: “What a wuss.”
Beavis: “Butt-Head...stop it! I hate everything about it. I hate this. I HATE IT! Shut up. You know what'd be cool? Is if it just started pouring rain right now.”
Butt-Head: “Yeah. Or maybe there'd be like a sudden hail storm.”
Beavis: “Yeah. Yeah! Or a turd storm!”
Butt-Head: “There's no such thing as a turd storm, Beavis.”
Beavis: “It's a video, Butt-Head. They can have anything they want. And I wanna see a turd storm!”

release year: 2006
genre: TV animation
viewing setting: home DVD, 7/29-31/17 and 12/5-7/15

synopsis: The second of these special editions collects 40 more episodes, as well as some other appearances, music videos, and the second part of a documentary about the creation and evolution of the series.

impressions: In general, compared to the first 40-episode collection, more of these are funnier. The humor has evolved and there are more subtle comments if you're paying attention. As before, the episodes are all on discs 1 and 2, while disc 3 contains 13 music videos with commentary, the 20-minute second part of the documentary, and some guest appearances and promo spots. The music videos are actually quite funny due to the often-clever commentary/criticism.

best episodes: These are the ones that made me laugh out loud, which to me made them among the best, though your mileage may vary: Bad Dog, Candy Sale, Pregnant Pause, Vidiots, Tired,, Spanish Fly, Green Thumbs, Bus Trip, Buttniks, Bungholio: Lord of the Harvest.

final word: This is more of the best episodes, and like the first set, it's well worth getting for any true fan.

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