Big Legend

"There are plenty of stories about things up here...things not exactly friendly to people, you know?"   - Eli

release year: 2018
genre: horror/drama
viewing setting: home DVD 5/14/20

synopsis: A year after his fiancee vanishes from a camping trip, a guy heads back into that wilderness to find the monster that took her.

impressions: This was interesting. The good: beautiful outdoor scenery, menacing monster that's not shown too often, some suspenseful/scary moments, fascinating twist at end. The bad: main character whose actions don't always make sense, monster whose behavior is inconsistent, random weather fluctuations. The main guy is ex-military and heads out on this mission of revenge...armed to the teeth...yet when he finds himself facing the monster, he runs away. TWICE. There were also some rapid transitions from day to night to day again to night again...not sure why. Near the end, this invokes a little bit of First Blood and Predator which is fun. And again, the ending was totally unexpected and actually made me excited about a sequel.

acting: Kevin Makely is the main guy. Summer Spiro is his beloved fiancee, who he leaves in the tent as he goes to investigate noises in the night. I'd never do that. Todd Robinson is a hunter who randomly joins up with the main guy. Amanda Wyss appears briefly, early on, as a psychiatrist. A 73-year-old Adrienne Barbeau shows up briefly as the main guy's mom. Lance Henriksen makes his own appearance at the very end, and it's one of the high points of the movie.

final word: Decent Bigfoot movie, could have been great with a few minor tweaks.

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