Black Dog

release year: 1998
genre: action
viewing setting: home DVD, 11/26/06

synopsis: An ex-con, needing the money for his family, takes a job hauling a dangerous cargo from Atlanta to New Jersey.

impressions: It was pretty good, though nothing outstanding. If you ever wondered what it would be like for an 18-wheeler to fight all odds to deliver its cargo, wonder no more, because this movie is here for you. It's got truck vs truck, truck vs cards, truck vs motorcycles, truck vs people jumping around on it, and so on. There's also some gunplay and hand-to-hand fights. Unfortunately, the title character doesn't attack anybody, or that fight could be added to the list.

something this movie has that no other movie has: Dueling 18-wheelers.

acting: Patrick Swayze is the main character, who knows all about driving big trucks in tough situations; he's also a loving family man. Randy Travis is one of the guys who ends up riding with him. Meat Loaf plays a weird evil trucker baron who spouts Bible verse and clips coupons.

final word: Watchable action fare, but it's no Road House.

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