release year: 1973
genre: horror
viewing setting: home DVD, 12/24/09

synopsis: A well-meaning scientist and a woman try to re-grow the woman's boyfriend's limbs, but instead accidentally create a lumbering, murdering monster.

impressions: This was a very serious attempt at a black-themed Frankenstein movie - it took itself seriously and had a lot of the same style and acting nuances as the 1931 classic. One gets the impression that Eddie would have turned out just fine if not for the meddling of the assistant Malcolm. In any case, this movie has different patients who are being treated with various "DNA formulas" - one such formula reverses old age, another allows a new limb to be grafted on, and so forth. The problems begin when the assistant, Malcolm (who wants the woman for himself) mixes the other DNA formulas into Eddie's batch...which turns him into a mindless killing machine. He then proceeds to wander the nearby area attacking victims at random. Sometimes he rips out their intestines for no apparent reason (he didn't appear to be eating them.) Oh well.

body count: 12 humans, 1 dog, 1 Blackenstein

something this movie has that no other movie has: A guy with a tiger-striped leg (allegedly a side-effect of the DNA formula.)

acting: Ivory Stone is Dr. Winnifred Walker. John Hart is Dr. Stein. Joe De Sue is Eddie/the monster. Roosevelt Jackson is the interfering assistant Malcolm.

final word: Entertaining 1970s garbage.

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