Black Moon Rising

"Hello. I'll take the keys to the Rolls Royce, the Excalibur, the Aston Martin, and the two Mercedes."    - Nina

release year: 1986
genre: action
viewing setting: home DVD 11/27/13

synopsis: A professional thief gets mixed up with the theft of a supercar that runs on water.

impressions: This was one of Tommy Lee Jones' early roles, before anyone knew who he was. He's an aging thief who wants to retire, but he makes the mistake of getting involved with both a car-theft ring and the woman who stars in it. There's some violence, a little bit of high-tech stuff (both the car and thief tools) and several different factions of bad guys. If the mood and music remind you of someone, it's no coincidence - John Carpenter had a lot to do with this movie.

acting: Tommy Lee Jones is, as always, at the top of his game here. Robert Vaughn is the evil mastermind. Linda Hamilton is the young car thief who's tired of Vaughn and attracted to Jones. Lee Ving is a nasty bad guy with a vendetta. Bubba Smith is a hulking government heavy.

final word: Good low-key 80s action.

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