release year: 1972
genre: horror/blaxploitation
viewing setting: home laserdisc, 6/22/97
what I expected: a return to the funky '70s
what I got: a surprisingly serious black vampire movie

synopsis: Centuries ago, a black prince is killed by Count Dracula, who seals him in a coffin. In the present day, the coffin is found and opened, and the vampire seeks both blood and love.

impressions: Basically entertaining, in that funny way of many '70s films. Those days are definitely long-gone. Anyway, this one had some funny lines and scenes, and it kept us entertained, if not scared.

acting: The only guy I recognized here was Richard Roundtree, but the actor who played Blacula did a fine job too.

final word: Worth watching, but no classic.

rating: C

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