Blade 2

"Is the enemy of my enemy my friend or my enemy?"   - Nomak

release year: 2002
genre: action/horror
viewing setting: home DVD, 11/4/13 and 9/7/02

synopsis: Vampire hunter Blade is back, this time joining forces with vampire commandos to hunt and destroy a new breed of hybrid vampires.

impressions: This was pretty much wall-to-wall action with lots of special effects. It was entertaining and interesting, but I had two complaints: 1) Wesley Snipes' attitude, and 2) the trivialization of vampires. The first is just something that grates on me; for example, Blade having to put on his shades before killing some vampires is just silly. The second issue makes me not take the vampires seriously - after all, why would I, when a man with a sword can kill a dozen of them in less than a minute? Anyway, these complaints of mine don't detract from the popcorn-entertainment value of this film. There's a ton of fighting violence against vampires, and some cool weapons, and some interesting characters.

things to watch for: When the drifter goes to the blood bank to donate, near the beginning.

acting: Wesley Snipes is the king of every movie he's in, and he wants you to know it. Kris Kristofferson did a good job reprising his badass Whistler role. The younger guy who also helped Blade was fairly annoying. The main hybrid vampire was pretty creepy. Some of the vampire commandos (Donnie Yen and Ron Perleman) were also pretty cool.

final word: Frenzied vampire entertainment.

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