Blade: Trinity

release year: 2004
genre: vampire action/horror
viewing setting: home DVD, 6/12/05

synopsis: Vampire hunter Blade faces new challenges, and finds new allies, as the vampires bring Dracula into the fight.

impressions: Flashy, full of action and exploding vampires and blood and guns and swords...but this sort of thing has about used up its welcome. I can now predict exactly when the loud thrash music will begin, signifying a fight scene. The other thing is that fresh plot ideas for modern-day vampire movies are hard to come by. The Dracula shown here was pretty good, and had some funny moments (at one point, he wandered into a vampire-themed store.) One thing I don't really understand: how can mere mortals trade punches with vampires and hold their own? Plot inconsistency!

things to watch for: When the vampire teen punks are scouting for their next meal.

something this movie has that no other movie has: Two choices: 1) an ultraviolet lightsaber-like weapon that cuts through vampires, 2) a vampire Pomeranian.

acting: Wesley Snipes plays it tough, for a third time; his role is all attitude, almost to a fault (it leads to problems for him this time.) Kris Kristofferson is great, again, as Whistler the weapons-maker. Jessica Biel makes a good debut as a vampire hunter. Parker Posey makes a goofy supposed-to-be-evil vampire boss. Wrestler Triple-H is a good hulking evil vampire henchman.

final word: Worthwhile vampire movie (and sequel) but this series needs to end.

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