release year: 2000
genre: giant snake horror
viewing setting: home VHS, 11/30/02

synopsis: While finishing work on a super-prison in Antarctica, idiots unearth a 80-foot-long prehistoric snake.

impressions: It did the job, but just barely. I found myself asking minor logic questions but all of that was secondary to the basic plot: get the snake hunting the people. It might have been better with more prisoners than 6, as well as smarter guards and soldiers. My impression was that in a very short amount of time, the majority of the cast was killed off. Complaints: inconsistent snake behavior, moronic characters, stupid tail-stinger. Oh well.

acting: Nothing special for the most part. Dean Cain was the main protagonist and had better lines than the rest.

final word: It's okay, but not as satisfying as Anaconda.

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