Dr. No

release year: 1962
genre: James Bond
viewing setting: home Bluray, 1/6/19 and 12/2/12 and home DVD 11/17/99

synopsis: Someone is knocking out American rockets, and James Bond must find out who it is and stop them.

impressions: This was the first and one of the best Bond movies. It mixes action and explosions (though not in the quantities found in later films in the series) with a lot of humor. This early Bond is both chauvanistic and egotistical, and there are a lot of good lines if you're listening for them.

acting: Sean Connery set a good standard in this, his first crack at the role of 007. See the "defining Bond moments" section below for more. Joseph Wiseman made an excellent villain as Dr. No - intelligent and ruthless. Ursula Andress didn't do much acting (her voice was dubbed) but with that body and face, she didn't have to.

car chases: 1

neat gadgets: none!

confirmed Bond kills: 4

confirmed Bond seductions: 3 (one of them twice!)

obnoxious female name: Honey Rider

defining Bond moments: 

Honey Rider: (walks out of surf in a bikini) "What are you doing here, looking for shells?"
James Bond: "No, I'm just looking."

James Bond: (to Dr. No) "So tell me, does the toppling of American missiles really compensate for having no hands?"

final word: The first and one of the best Bond movies - worth seeing.

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