From Russia With Love

release year: 1963
genre: James Bond
viewing setting: home Bluray, 1/7/19 and 12/6/12 and home DVD 11/20/99

synopsis: In order to get the best Russian decoding machine, SPECTRE hatches an elaborate plot involving Bond being seduced by a beautiful defector.

impressions: Entertaining. This was the first one with "Q" (they called him Boothroyd) and the first one with SPECTRE's #1 guy, his cat, his tendency to have lower #s killed, etc. This was also the one with: the gypsy belly dancer, two gypsy women in a catfight, the ever-cool ally Kerim Bay, Bond's taped exploits being played back in front of "M" and all the high-ranking old guys, a really good train-car fight with Robert Shaw, and some explosions that ended chases.

acting: Sean Connery did another good job here as Bond. Robert Shaw, as the assassin Grant, made a dangerous villain until he started chatting with Bond when he should have just shot him. Danielle Bianchi made an innocent-looking and somewhat naive pawn and female lead.

car chases: 0

helicopter chases: 0

boat chases: 0

neat gadgets: briefcase with tear gas, throwing knife, gold coins, spare bullets; also a portable bug-o-meter to detect bugs in hotel room

confirmed Bond kills: 8

confirmed Grant kills: 6

confirmed Bond seductions: 4 (2 of them at the same time!)

obnoxious female name: Sylvia Trench (not the main girl)

defining Bond moments: 

"Mr. Bond here. I'm afraid the room won't do. The bed's too small."

Tania: "My mouth is too big."
James Bond: "No, it's the right size...for me."

final word: Another of the best Bond movies - worth seeing.

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