release year: 1983
genre: James Bond
viewing setting: home Bluray 1/27/19 and 12/21/12 and home laserdisc 1/18/00

synopsis: Bond gets involved in a plot to smuggle jewels and strengthen the Russian position in Europe.

impressions: It had a lot of intrigue and subplots, but it also had a lot of corny humor, and Moore was showing his age. Worse, the ending portion was little more than a showcase for a circusful of performers to help Bond catch the bad guys. This part ruined the rest of the movie for me. Notable: 009 killed at beginning, knife-throwing twins, evil Russian general, tennis pro Vijay Armitraj, silly Tarzan yell as Bond swings along vines in jungle, wanna-be badass with sawblade weapon, octopus, island of beautiful women, good plane-hanging-on scene near end.

acting: Moore favored the corny lines and actions here, mostly. Louis Jourdan did a good job as a snarky, upper-class villain. The big bearded guy who played his main henchman was menacing too. Maud Adams did a pretty good job as the head of an all-female semi-criminal organization.

chase scenes: 3 (3-wheeled buggy, safari, cop car chase in Germany)

mass fight at end: Octopussy's circus vs Kamal's guards

neat gadgets: tiny plane, bug-tracking watch, acid pen

confirmed Bond kills: 8

confirmed Bond seductions: 2

obnoxious female names: Octopussy

defining Bond moments: 

Bond: (to the officer he's impersonating, who just caught him) "Well, it's a small world! You're a Toro too."

Magda: "You have a very good memory for faces."
Bond: "And figures."

hotel lady: "If I can be of further assistance...anything at all."
Bond: "Oh, maybe later."

Kamal: "Mr. Bond is indeed a very rare breed...soon to become extinct!"

Vijay: "An island of beautiful women...no men allowed."
Bond: "Really...how chauvanistic. I'll have to pay a visit."

Kamal: "Mr. Bond...you have a nasty habit of surviving."
Bond: "You know what they say about the fittest."

Vijay: (watching Q scope out the island with binoculars) "Is he still there?"
Q: "You must be joking. 007 on an island populated exclusively by women? We won't see him until dawn."

final word: Mix of great intrigue, good action, and bad humor.

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