The World Is Not Enough

release year: 1999
genre: James Bond
viewing setting: home Bluray 2/1/19 and 12/29/12 and home DVD 4/12/03

synopsis: A terrorist is planning to disrupt the oil pipeline system in Europe while also trying to kill a family friend of "M", so Bond is called in to help.

impressions: This was a revenge- and intrigue-filled plot, more people-driven than gadget-driven. Brosnan isn't as obnoxious as Connery was, but he's come into his own by this one. Of note: Q's heir apparent, R, appears...and it's John Cleese! Also: helpful Russian ally...evil henchman with gold teeth...helicopter with dangling buzzsaws that can cut through buildings, cards, etc...kidnapped "M"...hijacked submarine and fight within.

acting: Pierce Brosnan did a good job again as Bond (and showed his ruthless side) but to me the main show-stealer was Sophie Marceau as the cunning and stunning Elektra. Denise Richards wasn't as bad as I thought she would be as a nuclear physicist - her acting wasn't bad at all, and of course, she's easy on the eyes. Robbie Coltrane was good as Bond's former Russian foe who now helps him out. Robert Carlyle is a strong, ruthless main villain.

chase scenes: 2 (ski chase, chase inside oil pipe)

mass fight at end: none

neat gadgets: the new BMW Z8, inflatable cushion-suit, wristwatch with grappling hook, credit card with lockpicks

confirmed Bond kills: 9

confirmed Bond seductions: 3

obnoxious female names: Christmas Jones

defining Bond moments: 

Bond: "Construction's not exactly my specialty."
"M": "Quite the opposite, in fact."

Bond: "Was it something I said?"
other person: "No. Something you destroyed."

final word: Solid Bond movie, and the last of the 1990s.

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