The Bourne Identity

release year: 2002
genre: action/suspense
viewing setting: home DVD, 1/21/13 and 7/6/10 and 3/2/03

synopsis: Man with amnesia found floating near Italy, survives and realizes two things: 1) he has all kinds of training and skills, and 2) a lot of people are trying to kill him.

impressions: This was a great action/suspense spy thriller. The plot was complicated but not overly so, and there was plenty of action of all sorts (hand-to-hand, gunfights, snipers, bombs, car chase.) It also had that crucial ingredient that all good spy thrillers need: thinking characters who notice things, plan ahead, and outwit other people. The settings were also poleasant to look at: Italy, France, and so on (most of the story took place in Paris.)

things to watch for: Any of the hand-to-hand fight scenes that Bourne takes part in.

acting: Matt Damon did a good job here as Jason Bourne, amnesiac with awesome abilities. Franka Potente was also good as the woman who helps him, first for money and then for love. All of the various hitmen/agents were cool too, conveying their lethality in convincing ways.

final word: Good movie for fans of action or espionage.

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