The Bourne Legacy

release year: 2012
genre: action/drama
viewing setting: home Bluray 2/24/13

synopsis: All the events of the first three films have caused a panic in the secret organization that creates/trains/runs these super-agents, so to cover themselves, they shut it down and go about eliminating all of the active agents...but they miss one.

impressions: While confusing at times, it delivered on the action: plenty of fighting, chases, lateral thinking, and government conspiracy and cover-ups. There were some good locales (the Alaskan wilderness, Manila) and overall, this was a successful continuation of the series, albeit with a different main protagonist.

activation point: 30:00 - this is when Aaron realizes that something's amiss and people are trying to kill him

victims of Aaron Cross: 5 kills, plus 4 more who merely got their asses kicked.

acting: Jeremy Renner does a great job as a guy who gets betrayed and constantly hunted, yet still keeps his cool and does what needs to be done. Rachel Weisz is a little weak as a scientist who is forced to help him. Edward Norton is a slimy government creep in charge.

final word: While confusing at times, it's a solid action/spy thriller.

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