release year: 1997
genre: drama/mystery/action
viewing setting: theater, 6/15/97
what I expected: some kind of missing-person deal
what I got: a riveting, sometimes chilling mystery movie

synopsis: Older professional couple packs everything they own into their Jeep Grand Cherokee and heads west to start over. Jeep breaks down, wife goes for help with a trucker...and simply vanishes. What does husband do?

impressions: This one kept me riveted, and guessing - and still managed to surprise me too. It had a good mix of suspense, action, and crowd-cheering-for-the-hero payback. Problem: the protagonists acted stupid sometimes, doing exactly what typical, mindless, weak people would do when instead they should have been kicking ass. Oh well, this isn't Aliens.

acting: Kurt Russell is believable as the husband who must forge on when all seems lost, put in situations that really make you wonder what you'd do.

final word: Good suspense movie, but like most such movies, it will become less entertaining with subsequent viewings because the mystery's spoiled.

rating: C

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