The Burrowers

release year: 2008
genre: horror western
viewing setting: home DVD, 4/26/09

synopsis: In the post-Civil-War west, some women and children are taken from a remote town, so a posse forms to hunt down the Indians they assume are responsible...only it's not Indians, it's some weird monsters.

impressions: This started off good, but devolved into some degree of silliness due to idiotic actions by certain characters. If the old West was really filled with people this stupid, it's no wonder that people shot other people for no reason. Anyway, to the point...there are monsters that burrow under the ground, sneak up on people, and paralyze them...then bury them alive so they can ferment for a while in order to be more ready to be eaten. If I was in a posse and found solid evidence of this, I'd turn around and head east. Not so, these characters, and they all pretty much come to bad ends (either from the monsters or from their fellow man.)

something this movie has that no other movie has: people buried alive to be meals later on

acting: Clancy Brown and William Mapother are veteran scouts/fighters. Sean Patrick Thomas is an Irish kid who really doesn't belong in the uncivilized West. Doug Hutchison is an idiotic, racist Army officer who I'm surprised didn't get killed by his own men in the war.

final word: Decent, different, worth seeing once.

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