Cabin Fever

release year: 2003
genre: horror/drama
viewing setting: theater, 9/13/03

synopsis: Five kids on vacation in a remote cabin must contend with a contagious, flesh-eating virus and the paranoia that comes with such a thing.

impressions: This started strong, bogged down some as human stupidity kicked in, and then had ending elements that made no sense at all. The basic idea is that in the middle of nowhere, someone gets infected with this virus that eats away the body in a matter of hours (and quite messily, I might add.) Once one of the kids gets it, they mostly act like morons, and end up each doing their own thing. Throw in some hillbillies with guns, savage dogs, a quirky cop, and a general lack of respect for the virus, and you quickly realize that everyone in the movie is pretty much screwed.

things to watch for: When the hermit first comes to the kids' cabin. Also, the old guy at the end.

something this movie has that no other movie has: A spastic, karate-dancing hillbilly kid.

acting: I'll make it simple: each of the five kids does a good job portraying a basic stereotype (sensible kid, nice girl, slut girl, quiet leader-type, total jerk.) The weird cop guy seemed pointless. The hillbillies were funny.

final word: It had promise, but it got weird. See what you think.

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