Captain America

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release year: 1990
genre: superhero action
viewing setting: bootleg home DVD, 12/21/13

synopsis: After battling Nazis in the 1940s, Captain America is frozen in ice for a while but returns in 1990, when he's needed the most.

impressions: So this one was better and worse in some ways than the twin 1979 versions. It was better because it had the WWII origin, the freezing in ice for decades, and the Red Skull. It was worse because the main actor was a little less charismatic, and there were some unusual events (reporter who really needs to find Captain America just happens to drive right by him, billionaire crime family sends incompetent family members to do jobs when they could have hired true professionals.) The origin story still wasn't completely faithful to the comics. Also, Captain America didn't get any training or anything, he was transformed and then sent out into battle (and he failed.) The shield looked better but still wasn't explained as anything particularly special.

acting: Matt Salinger is often emotionless as Steve aka Captain America. Scott Paulin is fairly sinister as the Red Skull. Ronny Cox is a good competent President. Kim Gillingham is cute as the daughter of Steve's old girlfriend (and has a dual role as the mother in the 1940s scenes.) Ned Beatty has a minor role as a journalist who's old childhood friends with the President. Darren McGavin is a traitorous general. Michael Nouri and Bill Mumy have minor roles.

final word: A different take on the hero, and not as bad as many claim, but still not the best Captain America movie.

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