Caved In

release year: 2006 direct-to-video
genre: horror/adventure
viewing setting: home DVD, 5/21/06

synopsis: Some mercenaries head down into an abandoned mine in search of emeralds, unaware that the entire complex is filled with giant carnivorous beetles.

impressions: The plot was generally decent, the characters were entertaining, and the special effects were good. I really didn't have many complaints; if you want to see giant bugs chase and kill stupid humans, this is the movie for you. My sole gripe had to do with the "pulse rifles" that the mercenaries had...note to writers: this is 2006, and laser weapons haven't been invented quite yet.

something this movie has that no other movie has: laser weapons in current times

acting: Christopher Atkins is relatively serious as the cave guide and father/family man. Colm Meaney's role lies somewhere between bad guy and good guy. The blonde daughter of Atkins was the female lead in Chupacabra Terror. The foreign guy who was the head bad guy did a good job.

final word: Good giant-insect cheese, worth watching.

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