release year: 1981
genre: comedy
viewing setting: home DVD, 1/21/16

synopsis: In a wacky prehistoric world, a group of weak misfit cavepeople not only survive, but thrive, inventing numerous things such as fire and fried chicken..

impressions: This was one of four movies that a young me was able to talk my mom into taking me to see in the theater in the 1979-1981 time period (the others were Damnation Alley, Jaws 2, and Grey Lady Down) and boy, was this a whole lot funnier then. This is simple, silly caveman comedy which includes things such as stoned dinosaurs and fart jokes. It's entertaining, but just really, really dumb most of the time. The fact that I can't even find a quote from the movie to use here should tell you something.

acting: Ringo Starr is the caveman who thinks outside the box and ends up leading the misfit tribe. Dennis Quaid is his best buddy. Shelley Long is the skinny, blonde cavewoman who likes him. John Matuszak is the hulking, powerful leader of the strong tribe. Barbara Bach is his beautiful mate, and might actually be the only reason to watch this movie.

final word: Silly slapstick caveman comedy.

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