Children of the Corn

release year: 1984
genre: horror
viewing setting: can't recall
what I expected: can't recall
what I got: a genuinely creepy movie

synopsis: Somewhere in the depths of Nebraska, a young couple have car trouble of the worst kind, as they end up in a small farming town whose mysteries soon turn deadly.

impressions: There's something creepy about small ones (kids, babies, dolls, whatever) being homicidal. I can't quite place my finger on it, but it's true. This movie, which dealt with a whole town of fanatical children murdering their parents and building their own community, is also creepy. And then there's the monster within the cornfields, which was also creepy.

acting: Passable by the adults (one of whom is a pre-Terminator Linda Hamilton) and in a few cases, excellent by the kids. I really believed that some of these children were evil!

final word: Entertaining, though corny.

rating: C

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