Collateral Damage

release year: 2001
genre: action
viewing setting: home VHS, 8/28/02

synopsis: A firefighter loses his family to a terrorist attack and, unsatisfied with the authorities' lack of action, takes matters into his own hands.

impressions: This is the third Arnold movie (after The 6th Day and End of Days) to do this: casting Arnold as "everyman" who just happens to be able to fight and kick ass. Folks, this doesn't work. The character has to be a bad-ass, like in the old days. Firefighters, pilots, and burned-out ex-cops don't generally take on armies of bad guys single-handedly and win. I heretofore name this the "aging Arnold" effect. Aside from that, what we have here is a decent action movie with some plot twists, and due to the terrorism, some elements that strike a chord with anyone affected by recent world events. I can't complain that Arnold didn't kick ass in the movie - I just wanted to see MORE ass get kicked, and in a more violent fashion.

acting: Arnold did fine, though I still claim that he's better when the character is more of a bad-ass. The female lead here, as well as the main terrorist guy, did good jobs also.

final word: Good basic action movie, but no classic.

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