Conspiracy Theory

release year: 1997
genre: drama
viewing setting: theater, 9/1/97
what I expected: something convoluted
what I got: an overlong, overly-complicated, contrived mess

synopsis: A NY cab driver lives for creating ideas about coverups and plots...but he may die, because one of his theories appears to be true.

impressions: This one kept me guessing, but it also kept me yawning. There were parts that were contrived, and there were parts that were never explained. One thing's for sure: this movie represents anti-government paranoia at its worst.

acting: Mel Gibson does a fine, often-funny job with his role. Julia Roberts does too, as the Justice Department agent who befriends Gibson's character. Patrick Stewart plays an evil mastermind with great relish.

quote: "The truth will set you free."

final word: Worth watching, but only once. After that, you'll know everything, and it will grate on you.

rating: C

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