release year: 1997
genre: drama
viewing setting: theater, 8/23/97
what I expected: a police story with lots of corruption and an atypical performance from Sly
what I got: an intense cop drama which is probably more like real life than we think

synopsis: New York cops, seeking to live somewhere better and safer, have been making their homes in Garrison, NJ. Although the sheriff of the small, quiet town is honest, many of his residents aren't. Does he stick with his fellow cops or fight against their corruption?

impressions: This was, as hyped, a different kind of role for Stallone. It was also a hell of a grim movie. If the police are corrupt, the entire system is pretty much screwed. This was a tense, gritty drama with a little action and a lot of thought-provoking subject matter.

acting: Stallone's unusual performance wasn't Oscar nominee material, but it was pretty damn good. Harvey Keitel, Ray Liotta, and Robert Deniro were also excellent.

final word: Good display of the dark (and possibly unavoidable, and possibly even necessary) side of police officers.

rating: B-

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