release year: 1998 (TV)
genre: horror/drama
viewing setting: TV, ABC, 5/17-18/98
what I expected: to be entertained
what I got: a generally good horror-type viewing with a few cheesy parts

synopsis: In 1972, a savage man/shark hybrid escaped from the lab where it was made. Now it's eating people and fish around some remote island, and several people become involved in the discovery/killing of it.

impressions: As with most TV movies, this started off a little stronger than it ended. There were many characters, most of them well fleshed-out. The monster killings were pretty tense and violent, which earns points from me. My only real complaint is that the monster (like Jack-O) was inconsistent. Sometimes it would kill anyone in sight, but other times it just growled at the prey and then turned around and left. What's up with that? The monster effects were fairly good, as was the photography, especially the underwater shots.

acting: Craig T. Nelson was the main guy, and he did a fine job, but I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't watching Kim Cattrall every moment she was on-screen (especially with all those wet t-shirt scenes.) Kim has kept herself in VERY good shape over the years. Mmm-mm.

final word: Solid cheesy monster entertainment.

rating: C

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